The Diva

I'm a woman, a wife, a blogger, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a graduate, a seller, a shopper, a home owner, a talker, a swimmer, a gossip reader, a gossip spreader, an app downloader, a diaper changer, a laugher, a church-goer, a TV watcher, a TV talker, an eater, a Pino drinker, a Jersey girl, a sports fan, a planner. I'm a Facebooker, a Twitter stalker, a Dairy Queen eater, an exercise hater, a HomeGoods shopper, a stroller pusher, an US Weekly subscriber, a coupon clipper, a Google fanatic, a mommy grouper, a house cleaner, a breast feeder, a music singer, an organization wizard, a texter, an Ugg wearer, a field hockey player, an iPad user, a NY Post reader, a skier, a vactioner, a Lady Gaga listener, a Real Housewives follower, a Mainer and a lover, not a hater. I'm a Diva.


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