I've just planned Isabel's 4th social event in 2011. She's now booking into March, so anyone trying to get on her calendar, please take note. Along with working, commuting, managing a household, a baby AND a nanny, I've also been given the prestigious title of "Isabel's Personal Assistant." I'm quite honored with my new role, which I've abbreviated to the CHP...Chief Household Planner. I'm now all things, to all people, big & small.

I know you're all shaking your heads & blaming me for creating this monster, since obviously a 6 month old isn't texting her long list of friends & planning these dates herself. But I can't take all the blame here. Much like her mother, my baby is very cool & very popular & very much in high demand (said in a sarcastic tone). She attended her first birthday party at a bar in January & passed out halfway through, just like me. She experienced her 1st NYC ladies brunch a few weeks ago, and we had to cut her off after one Bloody Mary. We've already planned 2 upcoming brunch / playdates in New York City for February & March. Mark my words...Mariah Carey's twins won't be this popular.

It's insane and I'm 100% bringing this on myself, but as the saying goes "Happy wife, happy life" and all this baby planning does make me giddy with excitement. I'm sure Isabel will never remember the time spent at the New York City Children's Museum with Sabrina or "climbing" a tree at the City Treehouse with Emily. Regardless, I will take 900 pictures, I will write about our day on Facebook, I will mark the event down in her 1st Year Calendar & we all will have loads of family fun even if she doesn't remember one freaking thing about it. We will make memories & we will like it, damn it!!! 

I'm sure I'll end the day thinking I've given Isabel the best experience of her 6 month life. And for that, all this added scheduling is worth it. As an added bonus, Joe and I will get to put on our old cool, city, brunch clothes, we'll spend the day with amazing friends, have a few daytime drinks & "pretend" that we're still fun and awesome and can still enjoy a NYC brunch like the good 'ol single days (minus the raging hang-over & me still wearing last nights "walk of shame" clothing). 

Bring on the play-dates, but just be sure to plan ahead. Isabel is a very busy little girl.

Isabel's first friend Emily, 1 & 2 months old. 


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