I awarded myself the mom-of-the-year award last night. It's a huge honor to accept this award on behalf of my 9  month old daughter who could have chopped her hand off after I left a very sharp knife on her highchair tray. Yes, I said I left a knife about an inch out of Isabel's reach. She just started eating finger foods, I was cutting up blueberries, and you can put the rest of the story together from here. I apparently think it's a good idea for my child, who grabs for everything within a 10 ft radius of her, to play with knives, cause what other reason would I have to put a sharp object inches from a major vein & 10 little fingers. OHHHH, I know my reason...I'M AN IDIOT & WAS TALKING ON THE PHONE AND NOT PAYING ATTENTION!! Take this as a lesson ladies, cell phones & cars don't mix & now feeding a baby & cell phones don't mix either. Maybe I'll become the next Oprah and start a "no cell phone & feeding" campaign in hopes of avoiding another bad mommy moment like this one. If I can save one child from chocking on a pencil, hair tie or screw as their dumb mother talks on the phone, I'll feel redeemed. 2 minutes after posting this blog, I expect a knock on the door from DYFS, who'll probably take my child & Martha Stewart, who'll definitely take my sharp knives (and tell me to remodel my kitchen). Wish me luck.

I Googled "baby holding a knife" and got "Bieber holding a knife" instead. Pretty much the same thing.


Anonymous,  5/06/2011  

My bad mommy moment: It didn't even occur to me to put sunscreen on Mason last weekend at the park and the tops of his little hands got burned. I still feel bad about it!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom 5/06/2011  

Love the picture. Unfortunately I have had too many close calls even with I am "fully" present. I think I just get in a mommy daze some days.

Andrea 5/22/2011  

It's ok! We all have moments!!!! Relax- it's NOT a reason to have your baby taken. There are people out there who bloody their kids because they can't stand to hear them cry anymore- We all do things on accident. This was an accident. My son has almost been popped with hot grease, because i was turning bacon and had him in my arms. Yes, I had him around hot grease. I would have cried if he'd been hit with it. But he wasn't- you were quick and caught it before anything happened. That's what matters!

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