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As is typical when a baby is born, everyone wants to know "Who does he/she look like?" If you ask my mom, Isabel looks like me. If you ask Joe's mom, she looks like Joe. If you ask me, I think she's the perfect mix. Her crazy, thin hair...all Joe. Her white, pasty skin...all me. In the first few weeks after her birth, I saw a lot of myself in her and then she started to fill out and suddenly I would see Joe in her expressions and dramatic personality. Her eyes have always reminded me of Joe's, and you can almost guess what she's thinking by the expressions she makes with them. Just like her father, she'll never be able to lie to me...her eyes are the window to her soul. Ha!

Some of the most touching moments spent with Isabel are at night while I'm nursing her to sleep. We "talk", I make crazy sounds, she laughs, touches my face, grabs my hair, and we spend the last few minutes of the day bonding, mom/daughter style. Many times, as she's sucking away, I'll just stare at her face, trying to memorize every line, movement and expression on her face. Everyday she looks a bit different so I know that now's the time to cherish these moments cause they won't last for long. Sometimes she'll make an expression and I can so see myself. It isn't weird to think "Wow! She looks so much like Joe!" but it's so strange to suddenly see yourself in another person's face. It's still hard to believe she's mine, we created her, so it really hit homes when I recognize myself in her behavior and mannerisms.

In the last few weeks, I'd have to say she's looking more & more like me (particularly her chunky legs. Sorry, Isabel). Her full cheeks & lips are mine, and from the eyes up (including the cowlicks on the front on her head), she's all Joe. I'm still holding out hope that she'll have her father's beautifully dark skin, but I'm sadly predicting LOTS of SPF 50 in her future. And if she has me sparking personality, even better. Isabel should be thrilled...who doesn't want to be just like their mother?!

Joe, 6 months. I'm glad to see he's learned to love the camera (and can confirm he still makes that face on a regular basis)

Me, 6 months. I have no explanation as to why I'm on our kitchen counter, but from the look on my brother's face, I'm thinking he had something to do with it.
Isabel, 7 months
Me, 8 months. The American Academy of Pediatrics would definitely give a big thumbs DOWN to the safety standards of that walker.


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