Oprah continues to bring happiness to my DVR with her final season of tear jerking episodes. Last week, she got my eyes watering by introducing the world to the McGhee sextuplets. Oprah discovered them when their family picture went viral, and she invited them onto her Celine Dion / Twins celebration to surprise them with a $250,000 gift card to Walmart. Think of the formula & baby food that family can buy!? The touching part was the rags to riches story the couple has faced. High school sweethearts, both of their mothers were crackheads, fathers were deadbeats yet they fell in love, finished college & then struggled to start a happy family of their own. After going into pre-term labor with twins & losing both of the babies, their next attempt produced 6 healthy & happy (or happy when they're fed & dry) babies. Are you crying yet?

I'm sure Walmart will figure out a way to make $$$ off this somehow, but I was still impressed with their donation, none the same. In typical mom fashion, I immediately wondered if Walmart would still accept Huggies and Similiac coupons if you're shopping with that gift card. Just think how far you can stretch that money by simply adding in a few coupons?!


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