At one time, I had a very strange fascination with Tom, Katie & Suri Cruise, particularly during his "I jump on furniture" phase. Recently, I could care less about their weird Scientology ways or Katie's blank, robotic gaze & failing career. But I am and always will be intrigued by their non-traditional / cult upbringing of Suri. From heels to a pacifier, this kid is certainly not your typical almost 5 year old. A few weeks ago she was caught having her after dinner drink in a Playtex baby bottle and 10 minutes later, was spending quality time with her iPad (most likely playing Angry Birds, I assume). I'm all for letting a kid be a kid and strongly believe society is pushing our children to be grown-ups way too fast, BUT how do you go from allowing your toddler to choose her own designer wardrobe and march around Manhattan wearing pumps, yet she still sucks on a paci in the middle of day?? I'm confused. Of course, if my husband controlled my every move while dating men behind my back (allegedly...don't sue me, Tommy C), I'd probably give in to my child's every demand too.

And while I'm on the bash-Suri-Cruise bandwagon, it really, really, really, really, really annoys me that this celeb-u-tot always looks like she's dressed for summer in the middle of winter. Last week, the NY Post had pics of Tom & Suri frolicking around NYC, with Suri, as always, sporting bare legs and an open coat. If you can afford to buy your child expensive clothing, why not invest in pants & a cute winter hat. And instead of simply dressing her in your standard winter attire, they opt for carrying her around wrapped in a blanket (which still probably costs more than all of my winter coats combined). Do they swaddle her at night too? Still confused.

Apologies for the ranting & raving. Belive me, that's way more time & words than I ever intended dedicating to the Cruises, but I couldn't let this latest oddity pass on by without some sort of a comment. Now back to stalking Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan.

This "sucks."

It's cold, where's my blanket.


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