Holy sh$t, I'm a mom!!! It still hard to believe that I'm someone's mother, besides Joe's (just kidding hunny). I still can't keep my plants alive, yet we had our baby & 6 months later, she's happy, cute, loves us & even laughs when Joe burps and farts (sorry again hunny). I know ladies, I'm more than just a mom, blah, blah, blah, but when you milk yourself like a cow on multiple occasions throughout the day & sing an endless number of self-created "poopy diaper" songs, sometimes it's hard to believe and remember you're anything BUT a mother. So in order to fully maximize my anxiety attacks by adding one more item to my weekly "to do" list, I've decided to obviously start this blog. Become a mother, become a mommy blogger.

I guess I can't technically start a blog about the highs/lows, joys/tears, poop/pee, likes/dislikes of being a mother without first thanking the person who helped in giving me this new & oh-so-powerful title. Yes, Joe's super sperm, large amounts of vodka tonics & a very cute candy corn Halloween costume certainly deserve a round of applause, but my true blogging muse is my new favorite person, Isabel Anne Agosto. I could absolutely talk about, think about, & be with her 24 hours a day. I'm obsessed, & I've turned into that crazy-chick I promised myself I wouldn't become just 1 year ago. I'm sure Isabel's psychiatrist will one day blame all of her problems on my current behavior, but whatever, that's what therapy is for. I mean, so what that I won't share her toys with other babies for fear of germs or that we pay our nanny a 2nd mortgage to take care of Isabel yet I MUST pick out her clothes and make her bottles each night cause I "want to feel like I dressed & fed her." Who cares that I spent $20 on Christmas tights she wore once or that I want to trim all 5 strands of her hair cause it's uneven. She came out of my vagina, I've earned the right to be nuts.

Since most of my friends are also 30+, popping out kids like it's their jobs, have wonderful yet total pain-in-the-a$& husbands & are also dealing with the amazing & not-so-amazing feelings of being a mom, I thought it might be fun to share my experiences with all of you. Plus, I have lots to say without enough hours in the day to say it all or enough ears that actually want to hear it all, so a blogging I will go! I'm sure you will relate to many of the situations I'm facing so please join the convo. Just be warned...Yes, this is an open forum, but this is still my blog. Play nice in the sandbox, or I'll dump sand on your head. Also, be careful what you tell me moving forward or, much like Joe, you too will be the subject of my next fab blog post. You've been warned (I'm already sounding like a mother).

Thank you Isabel for my sleepless nights, for being amazing birth control, for my suddenly saggy boobs, for my new found desire to pick bed over a beer, for making me cry while watching Teen Mom, for turning my love of handbags into a love of diaper bags, for making me into a total lunatic, for already loving us unconditionally, & most importantly, for making me a mom!

And thank YOU for joining my blog! 


adriana casey 1/12/2011  

Love the blog Karyn! I'm sure your posts will add a lot of laughter to my days- look forward to reading them!

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