Is it just me, or is every freaking celebrity pregnant these days? I was just catching up on the news (ie. reading, and 3 of the headlines are pregnancy announcements & the lead picture is of newly knocked-up Natalie Portman (looking about a hot-second pregnant even though she's probably 7 months). Not that I have anything against celebs being pregnant, but it seems that celebrity babies have become the latest hot accessory. What ever happened to simply buying a sexy pair of Louboutins & calling it a day?? Nope. Instead, they buy the shoes AND get pregnant via their husband, boyfriend, lover, sperm donor, agent or random guy, gain either 4.8 lbs OR 90 lbs (due to the fact that they're eating for the first time in 10 years), have said baby & then voila...the weight and the husband, boyfriend, lover, sperm donor, agent or random guy are both gone in a flash. 

What I find most interesting about all this is 1. you NEVER see a nanny 2. you rarely see an actual diaper bag 3. the mothers never look stressed/tired/hungry (unless you're Jennifer Garner. She always looks like a mess), yet these people are jet-setting all over the world, running to this fashion show or that movie premier. Isabel won't take a nap outside of her crib yet these women, with babies in tow, go from LA to Africa to London and back in 4 days flat and everyone seems happy, happy, happy. I honestly can't make it out of Babies R Us without AT LEAST 1 diaper change, a possible breast feeding session, & most likely a meltdown (mine & Isabel's). Heidi Klums 14 kids? Always red carpet ready. WTF?! 

The latest to be "with child" is Kate Hudson which means her oldest son, Ryder, will never be seen again. That is, until it's time for her soon-to-be fashion or celeb magazine cover, unveiling her new best accessory (besides her fab perky little boobies).

So celeb mommies, what is your secret? Where are you hiding those nannies? Why don't you ever have diapers spilling out of your Louis Vuitton? Why is it suddenly sooooo fashionable to be a celeb mom? How come we never see pictures of you in Babies R Us, sporting green sweatpants that your husband hates & probably were worn to bed the night before, losing your mind as you search for the latest 20% off coupon, and giving every other parent in the place looks of disgust?? Oh right, that's just me. But honestly, how do Isabel & I get on the guest list of one of those FABU Hollywood baby bday celebrations?? 

Welcome to mommyhood A, B, & C list celebs. May your Diaper Genie runneth over, just like mine!

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Anonymous,  1/12/2011  

Jennifer Garner DOES always look like a hot mess but that is why we mommys love her!

Anonymous,  1/12/2011  

Isabel looks much cuter than Angie's kids. They are always a mess!

Karyn Agosto 1/12/2011  

Total messes! I don't understand how someone can have 4-5 secret nannies, spend $1,000 a week on baby clothes, yet her kids look like they just rolled around in dirt. Clean. Them. Up. I wouldn't invite them to my celeb baby bday parties (but I wouldn't invite their daddy).

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