Isabel loves her thumb. I mean, she reallllllyyyyy loves her thumb. She loves her thumb like I love a strong Grey Goose dirty martini. She sucks that thing as though breast milk is spilling out of it. I have to physically pry that sucker out of her mouth when I'm trying to feed her. I thought we were being all cool trying to keep the pacifier usage to a minimum, but she totally one-upped us and fell in love with that thumb of hers instead. I've never seen anyone happier than Isabel as we lay her down to sleep at night. She immediately finds her happy place on her belly, arm tucked up close to her face, with that chubby little thumb snug in her mouth. We can hear her sighing through the baby monitor as she suck, suck, sucks her cares away, our very own Maggie Simpson.

I honestly think it will be harder to break the thumb sucking habit than it would have been to get rid of the paci, but what's a parent to do? I eat obscene amounts of chips & dip cause I like to do it. No one rips them out of my mouth & tells me to stop the insanity (though they very well should). I'm certainly won't be giving her a speech about the negative impact thumb sucking will have on her non-existent teeth at the ripe old age of 6's what she likes to do. She rarely cries, she sleeps through the night, she laughs at my jokes, and she likes the Real Housewives. If thumb sucking is the worst habit this kids gonna have, so be it. I'll take this over sleepless nights & temper tantrums anyday. Besides, she looks so freaking cute & it makes her sooooo happy doing it, how could I possibly stop her?!

Please remind me of all of this when I'm up to my ears in orthodontist bills and have a 13 year old who's nickname is "metal mouth." Either way, I'll look back at these pictues and remember how happy it made her, made me & and say "Thank you thumb for the sweet memories & restful nights. Thank you!"

Sweet feathered hair mom.

Like mother, like daughter.


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